Firm "DAMET" has been producing the car chemistry since 1989. We were the first to start the production of windscreen fluid and wax shampoo in the Northern Poland. Since 1993 "DAMET" is the only authorized in Tri-cities distributor of the car cooling fluid "PETRYGO" produced by ORLEN Płock.

   The quality of our products satisfies the world standards and is verified by the required attests and certificates. The basic features that have won our customers` trust and respect are: aesthetic and functional packs, sustaining unchanged parameters and regular supplies. Every year we expand the field of our activity.

   Our main advantages as a business partner are:

  • As a producer, we maintain the increased stock of products. We are able to stock as much as 200 tons of raw material, 200 Euro pallets of the ready-made goods (100 tons) and 600 m3 of the parcel products. Hence, we are capable of handling the continuous sale of the products seasonally fragile.
  • Own and independent lorry transport.
  • Fast (48 hour) and prompt supplies.
  • Many years` experience in car chemistry branch.
  • High quality of products, sustaining constant parameters.
  • Reasonable prices.

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